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project funded by EU Commission (euro 10.000)
FEMISE- European Commission Coordination of the project funded by EU Commission (euro 10.000) under the 2015 Internal Competition for the FEMISE project on "Support to economic research, studies and dialogue of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership" as per the Contract signed between the Commission and the FEMISE association no. ENPI/2014/354-494 ("Commission-FEMISE contract"). GRANT CONTRACT AGREEMENT No. FEM41-09. Main activities and responsibilities: Scientific Direction, Preparation of a technical report, executive summary, Policy Briefs, submission, publication of background papers in refereed journals. Members of the team: Erol Taymaz, Kamil Yilmaz, Sofiane Ghali, Adalgiso Amendola, Fernanda Mazzotta, Giulia Nunziante, Anna Ferragina.
FEMISE - Francia
Title of the research: “Spatial proximity and firm performances: how can location-based economies and policies help the transition process in the Mediterranean region? Empirical evidence from Turkey, Tunisia and Italy”. GRANT CONTRACT AGREEMENT No. FEM41-09.
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