Salvatore BARBA Curriculum

Salvatore BARBA is Full Professor at the University of Salerno in disciplinary area “Architectural Drawings”. In 2006, he achieves a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering and Urban Restoration. From 2007 to 2013, he was Contract Professor at Polytechnic of Milan and, from 2019 to 2020, he is Contract Professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Matera.

He is the coordinator of several international research projects: “Digital and physical mock-up for the representation of a city and the visual impact assessment”, funded by the Campania Region, 2007-17; “Laboratory of drawing and structural analysis” with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, 2010-12; “Low-cost 3D applied to works of art of Chillida and Oteiza”, with Spanish National Program, 2012-15; “Laboratory of survey in the archaeological area of Paestum”, with the Archaeological Superintendence of Campania, 2011-15; “Great Pompeii project”, with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, 2015-16; “A spatial and social investigation at the Moxomatsi village, Mpumalanga”, funded by Italy-South Africa joint Research Project, 2018-20.

He has participated as invited speaker in various conventions held in different foreign countries, with several published articles, establishing scientific collaboration with the teachers of the disciplines of representation of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture which are part of the UID, such as the EGA, EGRAFIA, APEGA, ABEG, ISGG, INGEGRAF, SIGRADI, ISPRS and CIPA.

He is author of over one hundred and thirty scientific publications in papers on national and international journals, proceeding and books. His papers 3D DIGITIZATION AND MAPPING OF HERITAGE MONUMENTS AND COMPARISON WITH HISTORICAL DRAWINGS and QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF UAV PHOTOGRAMMETRIC ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY won the Best Paper in the CIPA 2013 and 2019, under the auspices of ICOMOS.