Irene CHIRICO Curriculum

Irene Chirico, researcher in Italian Literature (L-Fil-Let/10) at the "Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione" of the "Università degli Studi di Salerno" has been  teaching from 2008 to nowadays Contemporary Italian Literature, Comparative Literature, Italian Literature with elements of philology and textual criticism, Didactics of Italian, Humanistic Literature.The activity has followed three research lines: critical reading and interpretation of Dante's text, with particular attention to its fortune and to the important contribution it gave to the definition of canon (or of canons) of the Italian literary tradition; influence of the translations of the medieval and humanistic period to the birth and to the determination of the complex literary and cultural phenomenon of the Italian Humanism; contribution of the political treats of South area between Humanism and Renaissance to the debate  developed during over the last five centuries- in Italy and in Europe- around Il principe by Machiavelli. This activity led to the publications of some Lecturae of Dante'stext, to the critical   edition of the translation or the archbishop of Alfano I and of some essays on the textual tradition of the humanistic translation and on the modus vertendi used by the translators. In phase of completion the critical edition ofthe Praeceptae bonae valitudinis by Giovanni Lorenzi (1440-1501) is about to be finished, while the first studies on De principe (1521)by Agostino Nifo, presented at 14th Adi’s Congress (Genova 15, 18 settembre 2010) constitute a line of search brim to individualize the contributions of the southern political thinkers to the birth of the political science modernly agreements.In elaboration they are the projects of recovery Testi editi ed inediti dell’Arcadia meridionale and the edition of Discorsi sopra le prime e le seconde stanze dei canti dell’Orlando Furioso by Laura Terracina ,Venezia 1549.