Giovanni BISOGNI Curriculum

Graduated with honors in Law in 1998 at University of Naples "Federico II", Giovanni Bisogni in 2002 gained a research contract granted by Gramsci Institute Foundation and Luigi Sturzo Institute focused on the legislative implementation of Italian Constitutional Court, as part of wider research programm entitled "The first Italian Parliament after II World War: continuity and change in institutional dynamics". In 2003 he earned a PhD in Modern Legal History, with a dissertation about the impact of Constitutional Court on Italian theory of law and State after II World War (supervision: prof. Maurizio Fioravanti - University of Florence). Teaching assistant in Legal Philosophy since 2003 at Department of Theory and History of Law and Politics of University of Salerno, in 2004 he awarded a two-year fellowship granted by the same institution, with a project entitled "General principles of law and the problem of legal gaps in Italian legal science between liberalism and fascism" (tutor: prof. Alfonso Catania). Member of Laboratorio "Hans Kelsen" (a research group in Legal and Political Philosophy of University of Salerno) since its foundation in 2004, since 2006 he is "ricercatore" (tenured position: approximately equivalent to lecturer in UK system, assistant professor in USA system) in Legal Philosophy and since 2011 he holds the chair of Theory of interpretation at Department of Legal Sciences of University of Salerno. Since 2014 he is associate professor in the same university, where he teaches also Theory of law and argumentation since 2015.

He held conferences and lectures at several universities and cultural institutions: Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Società di Studi Politici, University "L. Bocconi" (Milano), Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nacion (Mexico), Goethe University Frankfurt, University of Pisa, Roma 3 University, Universidad Católica de Colombia. He is editorial board's member of “Soft Power. Euro-American Journal of Historical and Theoretical Studies of Politics/Revista euro-americana de teoría e historia de la política”, "Iura & Legal Systems", "Rivista di filosofia del diritto".

His main research interest is in theory of legal interpretation and argumentation, history of legal and political concepts, legal positivism in the XIX and XX centuries and legal theory qua constitutional theory. Currently he is investigating the concept of judiciary according to H. Kelsen and Herbert L.A. Hart, as first step of a research aimed to, first, shed light on the role of judges in legal theory and, second, rethink the "place" of the so-called "third branch" in civil law systems.