Giuseppe MASULLO Curriculum

Giuseppe Masullo graduated with honours in Sociology at the University of Salerno, where he also received his PhD in “Sociology and Social Research” (2008) with a thesis entitled: Networks of well-being, doctors and foreign patients in Salerno. Since 2009 he holds a post-doctoral research grant, first at the former Department of Sociology and Political Science, and later, from 2012, at the Department of Human Sciences, Philosophy and Education.

Since November 2014 he is a researcher (fixed term). in Sociology (SPS / 07) at the Department of Human Sciences, Philosophy and Education.

His research has focused purely in the field of social representations of health and disease, and on the cultural dynamics within care relationships, with a particular attention to the situation of foreign citizens, as shown by two monographs and numerous essays on this topic in books and magazines. His interest in the issue is still alive, currently focusing on the disadvantaged situations resulting from the interplay of the psychological and social vulnerability characterizing migration and those relating to gender, as in the case of foreigners working as caregivers or LGBT foreigners. Other research topics pertain to the field of youth studies, particularly cultural models and popular lifestyles, with specific attention to health, the body, and sexuality.

He holds various responsibility and coordination positions in scientific research projects with local, national, and international agencies; he is a member of scientific committees and a referee for local, national, and international journals.

He is a member of GDRI-INTI (Groupe de Recherche International - International Network of Territorial Intelligence) overseen by the French CNRS, which aims at consolidating the network of European researchers who deal with territorial intelligence and promoting local interdisciplinary action-research groups cooperating on sustainable development projects.

Since 2007 he has been a visiting researcher at several prestigious institutions of research, among which: the CERLIS (Centre de recherche sur les liens sociaux) of 'Université René Descartes Paris V (Sorbonne); the LISE (Interdisciplinary Laboratoire pour la Sociologie Economique) of the CNRS and the GEMASS (Groupe d'etude des Methodes sociologiques de l'analyze de la Sorbonne) of CNRS and the Université Paris IV.