Valeria Anna VACCARO Curriculum

niversity researcher confirmed for the SSD L-LIN/04 French Language and Translation Studies at the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Philological Studies of the University of Salerno, where he teaches French Language. Already an adjunct professor at the University of Salerno (2006-2008), and The University of Calabria (2004-2006).
Qualifications: Ph.D. in Linguistic Sciences, Philological and Literary (Catholic University, Milan, 2005); Certificat de Langue Française et de Français Écrit, Niveau Supérieur (Université de Paris IV Sorbonne 2002), Certificate of attendance at Postgraduate Course Biennale Post -graduate courses in Technical-Scientific Translation (University of Calabria, Cosenza, 2001), Certificate of Attendance at the Course of Training and Refresher dell'Assodolab in "Technologies of Information and Communication: Communicate with and teach the use of LIM" (2010 ).
Areas of research (1998-2006): Sector Languages, History of the French Language, French Language and Translation.
Scientific activities (2008-2013): The role and importance of the French language in the process of teaching / learning of French as a foreign language. In particular:

  • The cross-cultural perspective in the learning / teaching of the FLE
  • The influence of the use of 'new media' as a teaching support of the FLE
  • Numeric variable or class environment and teaching methodology of the FLE
  • Teaching of F.L.E. and theatrical performance