Full Professor of Experimental Pedagogy at the Department of Human, Philosophical and Educational Sciences, University of Salerno. He got degree cum laude in Education Sciences at University of Salerno. He has a degree in musical disciplines. Headmaster, he was awarded a PhD in Methodology of Educational Research at University of Salerno (Faculty of Science of Education, University of Salerno). He searched and studied on issues related to learning assessment, quality education and training systems. Since 2002, he has also researched as a member of university research groups. He also studied on testing and evaluation of musical skills. In 2007, he presented two reports: the first on "What professional profile for the teaching of the sound and music in primary school?" at the International Congress "The training of music teachers" (Padova 5, 6 November 2007), the second on "Skills assessment" to the National Conference "The kindergarten and primary school in view of recent reforms" (Messina, 8-9 November 2007). He was Member of the Evaluation Office of the University Telematica Pegaso until December 2010. He is member of Sird (Italian Society of Scientific Research) and of SIPED (Italian Society of Pedagogy).