Andrea VIGGIANO Curriculum

1995: M.D. degree at the Second University of Naples, with “summa cum laude, approval and publication dignity”; thesis title: “Nervous control of feeding behaviour after an amino acid-imbalanced diet administration”;

1995-96: takes the courses of the first year for the degree in Mathematics at the University of Naples "Federico II", and passes the exams in Mathematical Analysis I, Abstract Algebra, Analytical Geometry and Physics I;

2000: PhD degree in Neuroscience at the Second University of Naples; thesis title: “Involvement of the sympathetic nervous system in the regulation of feeding behaviour”;

2000-2007: Assistant Professor of Human Physiology, Second University of Naples, Dept. Experimental Medicine;

2007-2012: Associate Professor of Human Physiology, University of Naples "Parthenope", Faculty of Movement Sciences;

2012-today: Associate Professor of Human Physiology, University of Salerno, Dept. Medicine and Surgery.

Teaching activity for the courses of Human Physiology for: Technicians in Radiology, SUN (2002-2004); Biotechnology, SUN (2002-2007); Technicians in Audioprothesis, SUN (2002-2006); Specialization School in Alimentary Sciences, SUN (2002-2006); Psychologists, SUN (2005-2006); Farmacists, University of Catanzaro (2007-2010); Movement Sciences, University of Naples "Parthenope" (2007-2012); Medical Doctors, Nurses Professionals, Movement Science, University of Salerno (2006-present).

Skills: stereotaxic implantations; in vivo microdialysis; HPLC; making microelectrodes and electronic devices for amplification and analog-to-digital conversion; software writing for data acquisition and analysis (LabView and Visual C); computerized acquisition of: neuronal unit activity, neuronal field potential, EEG, ECG, body temperature; techniques for general histology and immuno-histochemistry.

Principalal research interests: role of synaptic plasicity in learning, memory, and in modulation of pain transmission; role of hypothalamus in feeding behavior and in termoregulation.