Annibale Alessandro PUCA Curriculum

Annibale Alessandro Puca was born on Aprile 12th of 1967. He have got a degree in Medicine in 1991 at University "Federico II di Napoli " and a board certified in Neurology in 1995 at the Second university of Napoli. Its post doctoral experience was at TIGEM in Milano (Italy) under Professor Ballabio (1995-1996), in Napoli (Italy) at the Second University of Napoli with Professor Nigro (1997-1998), at Children's Hospital in Boston with Professor Kunkel (1998-2001) where he became Instructor at the Harvard Medical School (2001). In 2001 he founded a biotech company, the Centagenetix Inc. where he was Vice President of Research until 2003. In 2001 he founded a non profit  organizzation, Associazione Longevita', which was incubated at Citta'della Scienza in Napoli with the aim to recruit Centenarians of Cilento. In 2006 he became a group leader at IRCCS Multimedica and in 2007 he became a consultant for ITB-CNR. In 2010 he was allowed to teach as Associate Professor in Clinical Pathology and in 2011 he started as Professor at the University of Salerno in the Medicine Department. He is also associated with ITB-CNR and in co-share with Multimedica for the development of research in the area of cardiovascular disease and longevity.