Francesco PALMIERI Curriculum

He is currently a full professor of computer science at the Department of Computer Science, University of Salerno, Italy.

He received an M.S. “Laurea” Degree in Information Sciences, an M.S. “Laurea” Degree in Computer Science and a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Salerno, Italy. He also achieved his National Professional Engineer Certification from University of Naples Federico II.

His major research interests concern high performance networking protocols and architectures, routing algorithms and network security.

Previously he has been an associate professor at the department of Computer Science at the University of Salerno, Italy and, before, assistant professor at the Second University of Naples, as well as the Director of the telecommunication and networking division of the Federico II University, in Naples, Italy. At the start of his career, he also worked for several international companies on sveral networking-related projects concerned with nation-wide communication systems, network management, transport protocols, and IP networking.

He has been closely involved with the development of the Internet in Italy as a senior member of the Technical-Scientific Advisory Committee and of the CSIRT of the Italian NREN GARR.

He also participated to the scientific coordination committee of the national “PoReR” networking project, to the Security Audit Committee of the Italian Academic and Research Network GARR, and leaded the IV working group of the “Università digitali” technical committee, fostering the diffusion of VoIP and IP Telephony technologies among the Italian Universities.

In addition, he coordinated the design/architecture study team of the RIMIC regional university and research network in Campania.

He has been involved in several national and international research and network development projects and worked as a network and security consultant for many large and important academic, government and public organizations in the south of Italy.

He has published a significant number of papers in leading technical journals, books and conferences and currently serves as the editor-in-chief of an international journal and is part of the editorial board of several other ones.