Adriano AMENDOLA Curriculum

My research are firmly based on archival research and documentary sources and are focused on Italian and Flemish art in Rome between 16thand 17th century in Italy and Europe, with particular attention on Baroque painting, sculpture and frame. I have been studying the history of collecting, the mechanism of the Modern Art Display and the history of Decorative Art. I have investigated the artistic patronage of the Caetani family in the late sixteenth century and in the first half of the seventeenth. I analyzed the artisans and people involved in the decoration of chapels adorned with coloured marbles in Rome, the economics of the materials and the various techniques involved.

My studies currently in press regard the Lelio Orsini Prince of Vicovaro. Thanks to extensive archive research I reconstruct his collection, the sale of paintings and drawings and the dispersal in Europe at the end of 17th and the beginning of 18th century.

From 2011 until 2013 I have been contract research fellow at the Swiss Italian University-Academy of Architecture at Mendrisio for the research project organized by the Swiss National Research Fund «Giacomo, Giovanni Battista and Pier Francesco Mola: Interaction, networking and ascent of a Swiss Italian family of artists in Baroque Rome».

In 2011 I was an award-holder at the Fondazione Ermitage Italia for the research project «"Venerato e caro Maestro" Maria Krasceninnicowa, Adolfo Venturi e la Storia dell'Arte Russa in Italia».

In 2010 I was awarded my doctorate in Art History at Rome's La Sapienza University with the thesis «I Caetani di Sermoneta, strategie politiche e storia artistica tra Roma e l'Europa nel Seicento». I organized a seminar devoted to the Display of Art in Roman Palaces in the Long 17th Century (1550-1750), which took place on 16 -17 June 2010, La Sapienza University of Rome in collaboration with the Getty Research Institute of Los Angeles.

From 2009 I took part in the Workshop Display of Art in Roman Palaces in the Long 17th Century (1550-1750), organized by the Getty Research Institute of Los Angeles-American Academy at Rome with the paper: Funzione e tipologia delle cornici nell'allestimento delle collezioni romane (currently in press).