Giovanni RUSSO Curriculum

Giovanni Russo obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Naples Federico II in 2010 under the supervision of prof. Mario di Bernardo. His research focused on studying stability of nonlinear dynamical systems with applications to networked control and systems/synthetic biology. Specifically, he contributed to the development of a novel approach for the analysis and design of nonlinear networked systems based on contraction theory. This approach revealed to be an effective tool for the analysis and design of decentralized control protocols and, at the same time, a natural tool to study dynamical systems arising in the context of biological circuits and systems.

Soon after the end of his Ph.D., Giovanni started to work on automatic transportation systems: he has been the lead system engineer and integrator of the new Honolulu Rail Transit Project (HRTP). This system is the first driverless mass transit railway in the Unites States.

In 2015, he joined IBM Research where he worked as Research Staff Member in Optimization, Control and Decision Science. Within IBM, Giovanni worked on the development of novel decision-making algorithms for autonomous networked agents. The algorithms he designed and deployed make use of the latest IoT technologies and are based on the use of advanced tools from stability theory, cyber-physical systems, computer science, AI and systems engineering.

In 2018, Giovanni joined the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University College Dublin as Assistant Professor in Cyber-physical systems. Here, he started his own independent research group (see here), mainly working at the intersection of control and information science with main applications involving control systems with humans in their control loop.

From February 2020, Giovanni has been appointed as Associate Professor within the Department of Information and Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at the University of Salerno.