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Jean Monnet Chair
A Jean Monnet Chair is a teaching post with a specialisation in European Union studies for university professors or senior lecturers.About the Jean Monnet Programme- The Jean Monnet Programme was launched on 1989-The Jean Monnet Action is designed to increase knowledge about European integration by promoting teaching, research and debate on the history, politics, economics and law of the European Union and the EU's relations with other areas of the world.- The Jean Monnet Action is aimed exclusively at higher education institutions (university- level institutions). Such establishments must be formally recognised in their country of origin as higher education institution and have a proper legal status before they can participate.- Since 2001, the Jean Monnet Action operates on a world-wide basis. The network is currently active in 68 countries on the five continents. Universities from all countries in the world are eligible and encouraged to apply for Jean Monnet projects.Selection Procedure (Peer Review System)- The selection is based on a rigorous peer review system: independent academic experts (university professors) perform an assessment of the quality of each application in light of the published award criteria. Political or geographic considerations play no role in the selection.- Applications are assessed on the basis of four "award criteria":a) Quality of the Applicants: Excellence of the academic profile (CVs) in the specific field ofEuropean integration studies.b) Quality of the methodology and the work programme: Quality and detail of the planned teaching, research and/or debating activities (with particular attention to the academic added value, the multidisciplinary synergies and the openness to civil society).Impact and relevance of the results: Likely impact of the activities on education and/or training at the European and/or world level, with specific attention for activities outside the EU.c) Innovative Character: Degree of innovation of the project: creation of new teaching, research and/or debating activities (as appropriate); application by higher education institutions / associations in countries not yet covered by the Jean Monnet Action or higher education institutions/ associations not yet supported by Jean Monnet funding or involving academics not yet in receipt of Jean Monnet funding for the same type of activity.
European Union - EACEA: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
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