Gaetano GUERRA Curriculum

prof. Gaetano Guerra pursued his University education at Federico II Naples University, where he received his doctor degree in Chemistry, cum laude, in 1976, for doctoral research conducted under the direction of Paolo Corradini. From 1979 to 1983 he was researcher at the Istituto Guido Donegani, Montedison. Thereafter, he began his academic career of teaching and research in macromolecular chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the Federico II Naples University. Finally, he assumed his present position as Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry, at the University of Salerno.

All the scientific activity of prof. Guerra has been devoted to theoretical and experimental studies relative to polymeric materials. A large part of his research activity has been devoted to the study of structure-property relationships for semicrystalline polymers of industrial relevance, mainly isotactic polypropylene, fluorinated homopolymer and copolymers, polyethyleneterephtalate and syndiotactic polystyrene. The discovery and possible applications of co-crystalline and nanoporous-crystalline forms of polymers is his main activity, in recent years.

This research activity is documented by more than 300 scientific papers on international journals as well as by many industrial patents and chapters of books. He has received several awards: on 1986 from the Accademia Napoletana di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, in 1992 del National Federchimica Award and in 2003 the “Premio Linceo” from the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei . His research group, in 2009, has succeeded in the business plan competition organized by the National Consortium of Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM) “Premio Made NEW in Italy - Innovative materials from the university to the enterprises”. In 2010 his research group has received from the Italian Republic President, the “Premio Nazionale Innovazione” (for the best business ideas at high technological content). In 2016, the Italian Chemical Society awarded him the Piero Pino Medal. In November 2017 he was elected Correspondent Member of the National Academy of Lincei.