Francesca D'ELIA Curriculum

Francesca D’Elia is assistant professor in "Methods and didactics of motor activities" at the Department of Human, Philosophical and Educational Sciences at the University of Salerno.
PhD in "Methodology of the Educational Research". She graduated in Primary Education Science and she specialized in teaching for students with disabilities.
She carried out her scientific activities studying in deep the “formative potentialities of motor and sport activities in the educational contests”. The theoretical-argumentative and the experimental research activities focused on the educational value of body and movement, studying in deep how to approach teaching-learning processes during childhood and preadolescence, with reference to the special educational needs of students. Through her studies and research activities she tried to shed a new light on the educational potentialities of motor activities at school.
Since 2007 she has been associate investigator in several research project on the methods and didactics of motor activities during infancy and childhood, with reference to the special educational needs of students and the role of technology in education.
In 2011 she has been principal investigator of a research project funded by University of Salerno on the theme "Usability of motor assessment systems in Italian primary school".
Since 2010 she has been teacher lecturer in: "Teaching of motor preventive and compensatory activity for disability" and "Planning and teaching of special motor activities" at the University of Salerno.