Pasquale CHIACCHIO Curriculum

PASQUALE CHIACCHIO was born in Naples in 1963. He received the Laurea (5 years) degree in Electronic Engineering and the Research Doctorate (3 years) degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Naples in 1987 and 1992. He is Professor of Automatic Control in the Department of Information and Electric Engineering and Applied Mathematics, University of Salerno. His main research interests include robotics, modeling, and control of discrete event systems. In the robotics field, he has been working on robot control and identification, inverse kinematic problem, control of redundant manipulators, control of cooperative manipulators. In the discrete event systems field, he has been working on supervisory control based on monitors, optimal supervisory control, and formal specification for supervisory systems. The results have been published in the main journals of the sector and have been accompanied by an intense experimental activity. He has been the coordinator of two Research Projects of National Interest (PRIN 2007 and 2009) and he has been involved research projects funded by the European Union (ECHORD; AIRobots, EuRoC e LOCOMACHS). He is Senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and member of the Italian Society of Control Researchers. He is Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering; he has been of the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. In December 2011, he has been nominated Knight, then in July 2014 promoted to Officer of the Order of Merit of Italian Republic. From 2013 to 2016 he was the President of the Didactic Council for Computer Engineering. From 2016, he is the Director of the Ph.D. program in Information Engineering. The six papers submitted to the last Quality of Research Evaluations 2004-2010 and 2011-2014 performed by ANVUR were all evaluated as excellent. He is in the Evaluation Committees for University of Basilicata and University of L’Aquila, and expert evaluator for the National Agency for Evaluation of Universities and Research (ANVUR) and for the QUACING agency.